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This is the section that Gruppo Evolution S.r.l. reserves to the research for new professional figures to be added in its organic. Below, if needed, will be posted all the job advertisement published by Evolution for personnel selection, including all the indications on data required to complete the requests. Despite the open job positions, the ideal candidate for Evolution has precise and fundamental minimum requirements:

  • have a higher secondary school leaving certificate ;
  • has excellent communication, relational and problem solving skills;
  • can provide indications of any sort to his/her coworkers;
  • has a good attitude for teamwork;
  • can work for objectives and accept motivating challenges;
  • knows the English language very well;
  • is attentive and sensitive to the most up-to-date trends in fashion;
  • is available, when required, to work during weekends and holydays.

Gruppo Evolution S.r.l. continuously searches human resources, of both sexes, to be added in its team. The figures we are searching for are:

  • Shop Assistant

The ideal candidate is high school graduated; has at least two years of experience in sales in the fashion field; thinks at the shop assistant position as a full time job, not just a part time occupation; takes care of his/her image and is cheerful; has good communications, relational and selling skills; has a good attitude for teamwork; has good knowledge of at least one of these languages: English, Spanish, French or Russian; is attentive and sensitive to the most up-to-date trends in fashion, knows the most renown products and brands; is willing to work during weekends and Holydays.

The roles and tasks required are: welcoming the customers and advise them; tries to establish the customer's loyalty, helping them in their choices; manages warehouse, interior arrangement del tidying; works in team with colleagues and contributes to the development of the company; relies on the manager of the sales point for every aspect of his/her activity.

  • Web Editor

The ideal candidate is preferably graduate and must know IT subjects and corporate communication or managing, has to show his/her ability using web-search tools, the best indexing methodology and basic Seo language. Has good skills in developing web contents.

The roles and tasks required are: managing the company's e-commerce web site, and takes care of every aspect of the communication for the company. Has problem solving skills, can work well in a team and helps making internet sales better. Has good skills in customer caring.

  • Freelance translator

The ideal candidate is graduated and has great language knowledge. He/she has good translation skills in at least two different languages (e.g. English and French) and basic knowledge of at least a third language (e.g. Spanish or Russian). Has great expression skills.

The roles and tasks required are: the translation of the e-commerce website contents and of the new collections. Can work in a team and helps incrementing virtual sales in EU and non-EU countries. Has good skills in customer caring, mostly with customers of different countries.

Evolution reserves the right to broaden some of the requirements needed to be suitable for an interview with the Human Resources manager, in case of precise personnel requests and for specific job roles.

Evolution offers to his employee a regular job contract, respecting obsequiously every applicable employment law field and all the subsequent regulations. The company ensures fixed compensation and following he timescales stipulated in the contract signed, bonuses at the achieving of budget objectives, classroom and on the job continuous training.

Evolution reserves, during the interview, to request for company's references to demonstrate previous experience, if required, and the letter of presentation attached to the resume, which should be drafted in European format and give the authorization to process personal in accordance with the national legislation about privacy 193/2003.

Evolution also reserves the right to perform job interview by step or selection and to eventually use a preselection procedure if required by the high number of requests.

Evolution considers respect, transparency and reliability essential requirements for the relationship between company, workers and prospects.


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